Motivation of seller’s in today’s real estate market here in St. Petersburg Florida

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Sellers, how motivated are you?

Do you really want to sell or just have your home on the market forever?

I sometimes have to ask this question. There are some properties for sale that have been on the market forever and ever. Listed and relisted and withdrawn and expired and listed again. Why do they NOT sell?

There are only 2 reasons in this world why homes or condos do not sell

The first one is PRICE if your property is over priced, it will not sell.

You will just get very frustrated and spend a lot of time and money and efforts but you will not get the results you want.

The second reason is advertising and marketing. You need to expose the property to as many potential buyers as possible.

It makes a huge difference if 10 people know about it or if 100 people know about it.

These two things go together, right price and lots of advertising. One without the other will NOT do the trick.

So, I just gave you the simple recipe to selling your home or condo

Price it right and find a realtor that does a lot of aggressive marketing and advertising.

There are buyers out there and we get calls every day –  I have never seen that many cash deals, so the money is available.

Make it a good deal, promote it and you will go to closing.


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