Most insane answer I have ever heard

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And I do not blame you if you don’t believe a word of this story.

I am very familiar with a subdivision called Seminole Isle. The other day I was doing comps for a buyer who was interested in a new listing that had come up. Being very familiar with the recent sales etc. I was surprised that all of a sudden two units showed up as sold and I didn’t even know they were on the market – very strange, how could I have missed this?

So I looked up the details in the MLS and it said zero days on the market and in the public remarks it just said, entered for statistical purpose only.

Ok. This usually means an agent got a listing and already had a buyer for it.

That happens, but two at the same time? And here is what really thru me off, these units sell for $250,000 to $ 280,000 the new “sold” listings went for $314,000 and $374,000

I just knew something was very wrong but I just could not figure out what it was.

So, (just the way I am) I called the listing agent and asked her if she could give me any more information, well, she was not too cooperative and she was annoyed, but I just wouldn’t let it go.

Long story short, she said  “Well, they did not sell last week, it was a little earlier, BUT I JUST DIDN”T GET AROUND TO PUT IT IN THE MLS”

and than she kind of hung up on me.

I checked public records, the units sold in JUNE 2007

I am speechless. . . . . .and that does not happen too often.

Do you have words for this?


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