Meme? Meme! Well, don’t complain, you asked for it

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First of all Thank You Barbara-Jo and Bill for the MEME opportunity (when I got your e mail I had not clue what you were talking about, and I am still not sure if I get the picture) I guess I will hear from all of you if I get it wrong (please wait till I have my first coffee)     Barbara-Jo was asking for some  “fresh blood”  so, here it is. . . .

I can actually cook, do not tell my boyfriend (if I ever find one) The moment people know that you can cook, they actually expect you to do just that, and they do not take you out for dinner anymore. So, picture this – every time I meet someone, in the first 5 minutes I manage to make the statement “I do NOT cook” ( I love to be a sales person) so far, all people have assumed that I do NOT cook means I can not cook. I came up with this 4 word sentence about 2 years ago, since than I have seen more restaurant than in all my 44 years before that.

 I am a Meat Loaf fan (no, not the food) the singer, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bat out of Hell, Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Yes, now you remember, that Meat Loaf, Marvin Lee Aday. Ok, let me clarify the word fan, I do not know what he is doing every minute of the day, I do not have his pictures on my bed room wall, I do not write fan letters, I do not burst into hysterical tears when he is on TV, nor do I pass out in this concerts. But I just so love his voice, his performance, his lyrics. This guy (other than the looks) is the whole musical package for me. When friends come to my house, they usually enter with the words “can we change the music !” (No, it is not a question mark, trust me) A few years back Meat Loaf was on concert in London and a friend (we had seen our first Meat Loaf concert together when we were 16) called me from there and told me that Meat Loaf had collapsed in the middle of the concert and was taken to a hospital (I was devastated) The next day I read in the news (no, not on CNN) that he had canceled all his concerts but that he will do the last two of the tour that were scheduled for Australia. I panicked and thought it might be his very very last concert, and I was not taking any chances, I booked my flight that same day. (No, you do not have to read it twice, I went to Australia to see a Meat Loaf concert) It was so worth it !!! Which brings me to my next point?

I only regret the things I have not done. (and these are not too many) Guess this one is pretty self explanatory.

I do not have any wedding pictures, the photographer refused to board the plane with us, he just was not into sky diving (neither was my poor husband, but he was so brave and jumped anyway) and Yes, he forgave me for that (after the divorce) just kidding, (not kidding) we are still great friends and he would probably do it again.

I will never be rich (no matter how much money I make) I spend it all on travel (my true passion) I have been to Spain, Italy, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, China, Turkey, Australia, Tonga, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, England, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Alaska, Mexico, Countless Bahamian and Caribbean Islands, West Samoa, Singapore, Indonesia, Jamaica (to name a few – ok. a lot)

I have many great friends, they are all different and I appreciate each one of them a lot. I do not know if your mind wants to go there (you probably should not) but my two best girlfriends are (I have to change names I guess) so A is 30 years old, French and Jewish. B is 51 years old, she has an American passport and is born here but this does not mean anything, she insists that she is Italian from New Jersey and now, picture me a German Aquarius 46 years old in the middle of these two. Trust me, never a dull moment, we never agree on anything, and each of us is very opinionated and we do not give up easily.(and we always think the other two are totally nuts) But we never really fight, we just laugh it off. Just imagine the language barrier, French accent, German accent, New York Italian accent. . . . . Just one example. When I learned English in school, my dictionary said a decent person is a morally upright person. After 13 years of knowing me, B walks into my house, could not see me, calls my name, and I replied, I am putting my makeup on come into the bedroom. She yelled  “Are you decent”  I was stunned!!!  My best girlfriend of 13 years is asking me

if I am a decent person? (I can not publish my reply, use your imagination)

So, to sum it all up, I love to laugh, I do not take myself or the world too serious, I have eliminated negative people from my live, I am very passionate about my job, and sometimes I just have too much energy for my own good, I love hazelnut ice cream and I wear orange shoes. Hey, I am an Aquarius (see, you should have started reading from the bottom up)

Ok Now comes the fun part, I am going to put Vickie McCartney, Diane Lombardino and  Brandon Weber on the spot. I think all of them have a great attitude.


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