Meet the “aliens”

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Aliens do not always come from the moon or different planets. According to the dictionary everybody that is not American is an “alien” (to me, aliens were supposed to look like ET) Anyway, being German living in Florida for more than 15 years now, I am a “Legal Alien” Over the years I have shown homes (built by a European) to an American clients and every 5 minutes I hear the word. “Odd” like this is odd and they point out a lot of things that were different than what you usually see. When they first start to use the word “odd” it has a negative touch to it but by the time I have explained the “odd”  things, as to why and how and what for, the whole experience of viewing these houses usually turns a very positive thing.

My point today is, just because it is different, it does not mean that it is wrong or bad or that we have to fear it. Understanding things can make all the difference. So, in the holiday spirits, go out meet you “alien neighbor” and spend some time to learn about the differences in their lifestyle and their culture. Only when you understand something you can respect it.

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