Me? Behind??? Can I blame it on Active Rain or the internet in general?

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Real Estate MagazineNo, I did not spend the whole day knocking on neighbors doors to get their old magazines. These are all mine. . .

It is funny how you change your habits, but at the same time you do not change them. This is my “To read” pile and it has grown and grown and grown. I get 3 or 4 realtor magazines every week and I used to read them all, but somehow, without realizing it, I get all my newest Real Estate information online and I have not touched Realtor magazines in ages. So I obviously changed the way I get my info, but I am still getting the magazines at work, I still put them in my brief case, I still drive them home and I still put them on the “To Read” pile.

As you can clearly see it is time to change that habit (what am I thinking?)

So, will I miss anything if I do not read these magazines?

What do you do?

Do you still get them?

Do you still read them?

Important Real Estate information

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