Madeira Beach Florida, you have to visit Johns Pass.

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So many places to go, so much to do. If you visit Madeira beach, here in Florida, you have to go to Johns Pass.Madeira beach, John's Pass village 



Right now “Bubba Gump Shrimp” is THE place to go in Madeira beach. It opened mid July and since the first day this place is packed. The food is great, the service is very friendly and you can spend a fun night.Madeira beach, John's Pass village It is in Johns Pass, right were the bridge is on top of the parking garage. If you like the more local taste, go to Waltz, an awesome very unique seafood restaurant at the east end of Johns Pass. It is owned and operated by a local couple and you will not only find the freshest fish on the menu, but you will also get a “taste” of the local people in Madeira Beach.

Madeira beach, John's Pass village

The HUT is another place on Johns Pass, it is so cool. The HUT in Madeira beachThe place is big, has a huge bar and again that is where the locals meet for happy hour and it has a nice sitting area with regular tables. The menu is small and not too exciting but good old American food with fair prices and a great atmosphere.

Madeira beach, John's Pass villageYou can also find a nice Pizza place on Johns Pass, I believe the name is “Della Rosa” or something like that. You can not miss it, it sits right on the corner where you go up to the board walk.

Madeira beach, John's Pass villageOn the north end of Johns Pass we have the “Bamboo Beer Garden” unfortunately it is closed right now but they are renovating it at the moment, so everybody is excited and we are all looking forward to the opening. Besides all the bars and restaurant, Madeira beach, John's Pass villageJohns Pass offers a lot of activities. You can rent a jet ski or a boat, go on a fishing trip on take a dolphin watching cruise. Madeira beach, John's Pass villageJohns Pass is a great place to spend an evening or a whole day. This rustic little “tourist attraction” has so much to offer.Madeira beach, John's Pass village If you are visiting St. Petersburg, you have to come and spend some time here. Madeira beach, John's Pass villageJohns Pass is right on the water next to the bridge that leads to Madeira beach from Treasure Island. Madeira beach, John's Pass village             

                History tells us that Johns Pass was created in 1848 when a hurricane hit the west coast and cut a Pass into the land. There are some different version but when you live here it is pretty clear the name Johns Pass comes from an old Pirate by the name of John Levique who first discovered the new opening. So, actually Johns Pass was first. The city of Madeira beach was incorporated in 1947.

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