Living and shopping in Tampabay Treasure Island Florida

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When people hear Treasure Island, they think

beach, sun, water, fishing, sunsets, cocktails and vacation

Well, living in Treasure Island Florida is all of the above,

but, we are not just a vacation spot; we are a real city with real people, with real needs and a real life.

So, if you are a snowbird, or think about moving to Treasure Island, here is a little “shopping guide’ for Treasure Island.

Let’s start with the most important items (not it is not alcohol) it is food.

Right now, it doesn’t matter where you live in Treasure Island; food shopping is about 10 to 15 minutes away.

Unfortunately we do not have a grocery store right now, BUT a brand new beautiful Publix will open in August 2008 and it will be on the corner of 104th Ave and Gulf blvd. That means, food shopping doesn’t matter where you live in Treasure Island will be less that 5 minutes away. Till than you either have to go to Madeira beach, they have a Win Dixie, or you go to St. Pete beach, they are blessed with a Sweet bay” or you can go to South Pasadena, there is a Publix and an Albertsons. The very basic things you can get on the island in the seven eleven store or a few little local stores along Gulf Blvd

Now we can talk about alcohol. There is a really nice ABC liquor store on 107 Ave east of the Treasure Island clock on the north side of the street. They have a huge selection, great service and ok prices. My personal favorite store is on Gulf Blvd around 98 Ave. It is a tiny little store, tucked away with only 3 parking places, but this store has personality and the owner bends over backwards to help you.

Being a Realtor, I always want to “negotiate” well, here you can. He just gives me the best deals and we always chat about the Island and real estate.

Ok, what else is important, we covered food and drinks, ohhhhhhhhhhh Coffee

I live on coffee. Unfortunately there is NO Starbucks in Treasure Island, but there is one very close, just 5 minutes north on central Ave. I love this little Starbuck, the people are very very friendly and the service is fast. It is like a neighbor hood coffee store and after you have been there a few times, they know you they are always up for a joke and some friendly teasing. If you can, go after 9 am, before that the place is a zoo and you have to be very creative to find a parking space.

We are in Florida, so sun lotions are very important (you vacationers better wright this down) there is a Wal – Greens on Gulf Blvd and the corner of 106 Ave.

So, what else do we need? No, all you men out there, we do not have a home depot but we have a Hardware store on treasure island Floridawonderful little hardware store. Ok, I can never remember the street name but it is on a small road right between 107 and 104 Ave next to Bank of American(that’s were you get  the money to buy all your goodies)

I love to go there, the owner and the people who work there are just fantastic, they always help you, educate you and come up with easy fix (if there is such a thing) ideas. If you are attempting a huge project, you have to leave Treasure Island and go to home depot which is on 66 St. and 22 Ave N or you can just go a little further to 22ave n and 20 St. and you will be in hardware heaven a huge Lowe’s and a Huge home depot right across the street from each other. From Treasure Island it will take you about 10 minutes to get to the on 22 and 66 and about 20 minutes to get to the big ones.

So, now what do we do about cloth? (That is more a woman’s problem) Well, ladies, we have all kinds of choices within 10 minutes from Treasure Island

I am talking about real cloth, beachwear you can get within 1 minute everywhere on Treasure Island (ok I am exaggerating) anyway, on Tyrone Blvd and corner of 66 St. we have a wonderful mall, you can spend all day and buy pretty much everything you need or do not need for that mater.

Also the is a 24hour Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Payless Shoes, Starbucks and a Target on Tyrone Blvd and Park St.

Just over the bridge from Treasure Island, there is Central Ave and Central Ave is lined with little stores, all kind, pool supply, kids, jewelry, antiques, second hand, pets, too many to name.

So, you can see, we are a small but very self sufficient crowd here in Treasure Island. I hope you enjoyed your little shopping trip and maybe I will see you soon here in Treasure Island.

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