Life in the Short Sale lane!

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Well I gotta say that this market is surely shaping up to be a whirlwind! Besides listing “Short Sales” how many of you are writing offers up on “short sales”. I tell you I’ve been in this business a long time so i really don’t need the practice any more!LOL Yeah, I guess when you do enough of these types of sales you know what to expect, but when I go to write an offer on a property that my clients want, I feel as though someone is scratching a chalkboard with nails when the listing agent on that property indicates she is gonna send in “ALL” offers to the bank. I’m like aren’t you only gonna send the best one, “Oh no they want all of them”.  Well how many is that, oh TEN…..Okay is it just me or do other people feel that you give these Loss mitagators multiple choices and we’ve lost the war! I really can’t beleive with all the classes available to us a agents that we still have agents that don’t know how to do short sales ….. I guess I’m old fashioned but I feel we need to know how to do our job, so take some time to learn. The market is changing fast and we have to adapt with it. I use short sale genius and they are wonderful! The software alone is worth it, to keep track. I’ve recently become an Ambassador for Helping a Million Homeowners. My goal is to help these homeowners leave the home they have been living in with dignity. Come on people we are the professionals! I take my commitment to my clients seriously. Yeah . it’s alittle crazy at times but I love it! when everything works out and they are released of that burden, come on, that’s when we look at why wer’e doing what we do and SMILE!!

Hey everyone, Have an awesome day!!!  

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