Learning curves—we all have them

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I guess it is not easy to find good help ???  I get questions like Anne can you refer a plumber or an electrician or a painter or a roofer and most of the time my answer is ” I would rather not. There is just no consistency in most peoples work, someone does a good job 6 or 7 times but then….

No matter what your chosen career—there is a learning curve.

In the trades when the boss tells the helper to go do something, the boss may assume that the helper knows more about the details of what he has been asked to do than he actually does.  In some respects this accounts for how so many defects happen in new construction and in newly remodeled homes.  It is not that the contractor doesn’t know the right way to do it—the right way just hasn’t been adequately communicated.

Take this brand new home’s master bathroom shower. 

Can light in shower with wrong cover/trim

Any electrical contractor is going to know that the light fixture inside the shower has to have a water tight cover.  But when the contractor leaves instructions for the helper to install all the decorative trims on the can-lights—while he is off skiing for the day—you might end up with the wrong trim installed on the can-light in the shower.

It is a pretty simple fix—and one the helper will not likely forget the next time.  This is of course unless this is not the first time and he ends up getting fired.



Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector


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