Lead generating that works.

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Well, I have tried so many things and companies, but nothing so far that really excites me.

I signed up with e-agent a few months ago, before I did this I call at least 10 e-agents in the country and half of them said that it is a good lead generating tool. Doesn't work for me.

In one month, I get about 20 to 30 leads from them but only 2 or 3 have a valid phone number or address, and so far none of them really wanted to buy real estate in my area and they were very surprised to get a call from me.

"Just plying on the internet, did not expect anybody to call me".

E-agent isn't cheap, they charge a monthly fee of $105 and about $15 per lead they send, good lead or bad lead doesn't make a difference.

Does anybody have positive experience with a lead generating company?

Or for that matter negative experience, so I don't have to try them.

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