Just when you think you know it all

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Just when you think you made the deal.

This Real Estate market is very challenging to say the least. We have been doing very good compared to most companies in our area, but the time and energy that we spend on each deal is just unbelievable. Back in the “good old day” you would make an offer go back and forth once or twice and reach an agreement, get the signature, check on a few things and go to closing. OK. Each deal had one or two little problems, but you got them solved.

Now, it is a different story in Real Estate. You have to make 4 or 5 offers till one goes through, you go back and forth 3 or 4 or 5 times till people agree and once you get the signatures, you have to watch every little detail very closely. Right now we have 7 pending contracts, and each one of them is hanging on a tiny little fragile string. Not one day goes by without a “drama” a problem to be solved.

I am an Aquarius and I love to solve problems, but this is even getting a bit too much for me at times. You have to keep up your positive attitude and you have to keep the buyer and seller motivated while you try to solve the latest disaster.

 Anne Hensel Realtor


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