Is your home here in Saint Petersburg a short sale or pre foreclosure?

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If so, are you taking the right steps to start the Short sale process?

As a home owner that is faced with a short sale situation here in Saint Petersburg, you are not only frustrated and embarrassed and just want to stick your head in the sand, but you are also way out of your league. You do not know anything about a short sale or pre foreclosure process. You can not just ask your friends or simply buy a book or go to a seminar. The most logical step seams to be “Call your bank” well, I have yet to see a bank that will give you any information or help. Best case scenario, they will tell you to contact a lawyer or Short sale Realtor. It is very unlikely that you have the money to pay a lawyer when you are in a short sale or pre foreclosure situation. So, your best bet is a Realtor. That’s were you start. I know, your situation is tough enough already and it will even be more frustrating when your Realtor tells you “Sorry, I do not do short sales”

Well, do not give up, do some research on the internet, find a few Realtors, Google their name and than make the call. If you find the right Real Estate agent, someone that is local, someone who understands your situation and has some experience with short sales and foreclosures, your life will be come much easier. Don’t go for the  “nice talking” Realtor, go for the one that tells it the way it is. You need Hope, but no misleading and false Hope. You need Reality and facts and someone that has energy and get the job done.

Please click below to find all the information you need when buying or selling a Short Sale property in Saint Petersburg Fl.

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