Is your Brain Plaid, Paisley or Plain?

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       Anyone that utilizes the Internet for business or entertainment is aware of the tremendous volume of information available.

Fall colors in Seattle     It also doesn’t take too long to realize that not only is there more information than one could EVER assess in ones lifetime, there is also a lot of information that seems absolutely useless.

     Our mind functions much like a Google Algorithm in seeing patterns in this soup of information, resulting in some of this information becoming “knowledge”—–while the rest is vaporized—discarded.

     Every bit of information that becomes knowledge increases the chances that other or new patterns will be seen in future information—-all of which makes us smarter—-more human.  Sometimes it even opens us up to seeing patterns in information we rejected previously as “patternless.”  This is called keeping an open mind.

     I think this ability to select and destroy information is what we call “consciousness.”  It may account for why we seem to sometimes be more conscious than at other times—why some people seem more conscious than others.  We can watch a new born baby start to build his or her world from a starting point of little or no consciousness, and we can see a catatonic person spending their life in, at the very least, a different KIND of consciousness—-if conscious at all.   We can also witness consciousness altered by drugs and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

     Without being fully conscious—-very little gets done.


Charles Buell



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