Is Location as important as it used to be?

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 I just had a very interesting phone call.

His name was Bill and he was looking for a single family waterfront home with a nice pool and a big porch a two car garage and the most important thing was Sail boat water. He had found me on the internet and had done some searches on my website. He told me that he just sold his home up north and was now moving to Florida. He had spend a lot of time on my website but could not find anything in his price range, (under $300,000) He was already in his car driving down to Cape Coral when he said, let me give it one more try and call Anne, maybe she knows about something because I would rather live in St. Petersburg. So, I did a search for him and I found a few very nice properties that matched his criteria but the price tag was between $340,000 and $400,000. Long story short he didn’t want to spend this kind of money and thought cape Coral would be so much cheaper. Nosy as I am I called a few Realtors down there and asked about the market and the prices, and yes, they are less expensive, but the difference isn’t that big. So, that makes me think, what happened to Location, Location, Location

In all my years as a realtor this was always the most important point for a buyer. What happened ? Is Bill just an exemption to the rule or is the focus shifting to most value for my money?


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