Is it RUDE and UNFRIENDLY or is it just a different culture?

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I was out having dinner with some friends and some other people I just met once or twice before. I was already late and I had a long day. . . . . . and I did not have a lot of patience left.

Anyway, here is this couple that just came back from their honeymoon.

I remember having a conversation with them months ago when they told me that they would love to see Europe but they are afraid it might not be safe.

Well I am originally from Germany and live in Florida for 15 years now, so, I think I know both worlds and they are different, in many ways, two different cultures.

To me that is the beauty of it. I love to see different countries and different cultures, I have been all over the world and it is fascinating to me how different things can be and how different people are and how they do things.

Long story short, this couple was complaining about how rude, unfriendly and lazy and not clean and and and people were in Europe.

I was shocked and I asked them for an example.

Well, they were in France and went to a restaurant or dinner, the service was very slow, it took forever to get the food, they had no ketch up on the table for their French fries and nobody would bring their check, they had to ask for it.

I am really curious, what do you think???

Were they waiters rude, unfriendly, and lazy or is it just a different culture where people do things differently?


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