Is it me or the rest of the world?

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Yes, it is one of these days.

When will the Realtors get real?

Sometimes I just do not understand, are  Realtors, Real Estate agents,  listing agents

waiting for the knight in white shinning amore?

I am trying to find a way to sugar coat this, but I just can’t.

Seminole Isle is one of the communities that was new construction

and sold directly from the developer at the peak of the market.

This particular community got hit hard when the market crashed.

People bought units for $400,000 or $460,000.

Right now just in the last few month, these units sold for $ 225,000, $ 247,000, $260,000, $ 245,000, that makes an average sales price of $244,000  Ok, adjust for the view or upgrades but that’s is it. Low end is 225K high end is 260K

Why, why would you list one of these units at $429,000 ???

What are you trying to do?

Nobody in his right mind, in this kind of market will pay that price.

Banks will never finance this deal.

It will never appraise!

So, why even list it? Isn’t our inventory high enough?

What are people thinking?

Is it me or the rest of the world?

Am I getting this all wrong?

Am I missing something?

PS. this unit is one the market for more than 250 days.


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