Inspection Photo of the Day – Asbestos Tape…

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Inspection Photo of the Day – Asbestos Tape… 

Like many communities, Nashville has a lot of older real estate for sale. Although not perfect, many of these older properties were built to last by craftsmen that took pride in their work. As modern conveniences like air conditioning became more affordable for the general public, and duct tape had not been invented yet, the answer to sealing the pipe joints was to use a readily available material – asbestos tape.

There is a lot of information floating around the internet about asbestos and asbestos tape and the health risks. Duct work leaks. As the tape decomposes, particles can be sucked into the duct work due to the venturi effect. These deposited particles can become dislodged and circulated throughout the property. 

I inform my clients of the health risks. I also suggest having the offending material removed and have the ducts professionally cleaned as part of the sales transaction.

So if you are looking at purchasing an older piece of real estate in the Nashville, TN market and see a white cloth-looking type material, be suspicious. Most likely it is asbestos tape.

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