Inspecting Water Heaters – Part 1

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Inspecting Water Heaters – Part 1

Water heaters are one of those modern conveniences that most folks take for granted. That is, until something goes wrong. As Murphy’s Law would have it, this will be the major appliance that will head south shortly after moving into your new home. This often becomes a major bone of contention when dealing with home warranty companies.

The serial plate reveals a lot of information, if you know how to read it. The serial number reveals the age. This water heater was manufactured 7/99 and is 10 years old. The capacity is 40 gallons, it is electric, but the major item to notice is the big number 6. This tells the consumer and the inspector that the tank has a 6 year rust-through life expectancy. After that, how lucky do you feel? For the most part, this should tell you and your clients that this unit is at the end of its serviceable life. This information needs to be in the inspection report so that your client can budget for eventual replacement. This will also be very useful for any warranty claims against the home warranty company.  

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