In St. Petersburg Tampabay the condo maintenance fees are too high.

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In St. Petersburg Tampabay condo maintenace fees are too high.

I hear this alot lately. Well, it is not just in Saint Petersburg or Tampa Bay or on waterfront properties that you see high condo maintenance fees; it is the same all over Florida. Yes, it is a lot of money if you have to pay $400 or $600 or even $1000 each month to the condo association. On top of this you have to pay your property taxes and electric. Prices have gone up for everything. Let’s compare a condo to a single family home here in Saint Pete.

We assume that the home value on both properties is $500,000 and have the same property taxes.

In a single family home you have to pay

Electricity                                                                                 average of $250 per month

Water                                                                                     average of $100 per month

Lawn service                                                                           average of $100 per month

Inside pest control                                                                   average of $50 per month

Outside pest and weed control                                                   average of $100 per month

Pool service                                                                             average of $70 per month

Sewer                                                                                      average of $30 per month

Trash                                                                                       average of $ 40 per month

Basic Cable & internet                                                               average of $80 per month

Replacing sprinkler heads                                                          average of $40 per month

Insurance                                                                                 average of $250 per month

Painting outside every 5 years                                                    average of $70 per month

Resurface your driveway & pool every 10 years                            average of $50 per month

I will stop here; so far we are over $1200 per month for a single family home here in St. Petersburg Tampabay. All or most of these services are included in your condo maintenance fees.

So, maybe $500 or $600 in monthly condo maintenance fees does not sound that bad anymore.

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