If all else fails—–read the instructions!

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     It is not uncommon, while inspecting roofs, to find the test caps still in place on plumbing vents.  Part of inspecting the original installation of the plumbing system for leaks requires that all openings be capped off.  After the test, the test caps are removed so that the plumbing system can function properly.  Here is a picture of a test cap I found still in place recently on a roof—-most likely it had been there since 1980 when the building was built.

How do I remove this cap?

     Even 30 years later the “instructions” for how to remove the cap are clearly visible.  In light of the instructions, I got a good giggle out of how the problem was resolved—-as shows in the next picture.

Holy vent pipe Batman

     Holy vent pipe Batman!


Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector


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