I took the liberty to ring the doorbell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I took the liberty to ring the doorbell   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This just blows my mind each and every time it happens.  Showing instructions say  “Sometime occupied please call before showing”   So I get a call from Realtor around 2 pm wanting to show the listing this afternoon but since I was on the phone with someone else the call went to voice mail. My voicemail says “Please leave a message or if you need immediate assistance please call my partner at 410 7777.  About 30 minutes later I returned the call, agent does not answer. I called back again another 30 minutes later and he answered. I apologized for not answering the phone, he interrupted me immediately and said “NO problem, I took the liberty of ringing the door bell and I went in and showed the home”  he was just lucky that my seller was not in, if he had caught him in the shower we would have a murder on our hands right now. What are these realtors thinking???  Why even have showing instructions when you simply disregard them. Why even give an alternative phone number on your voicemail when they do not even bother to call?

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