I need a reality check from you guys, help please

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I broke the golden rule today, should I feel bad?

About 30 years ago I entered the “working” world. It was in Germany in a 5 star hotel and the golden rule was  “The guest is ALWAYS right even if he is wrong.”  The guest is KING, no matter what.

I have lived my working live like that, if it was a guest or a client or a buyer or a seller, I always gave them the feeling that I understood them and that they were right and then I sugar  sugar  suger coated my argument and with motivation and manipulation (sales) I got them to where I needed them to be.

Today 47 years old, I finial broke this rule for the first time. (And I did not sugar coat it) below is part of my e mail to a seller

Situation is (Comps come out to $ 80,000, I had an offer for $86,000 he refused to even answer it, instead he wanted to increase the listing price from $89,000 to $ 140,000)

Dear …..

I have invested a lot of time and energy and money in listing your condo, I have explained every step in the short sale process to you and explained the consequence. AND I have shown you the comps and you knew right from the start that you would not get $140,000 for your condo. If your attitude is  “if it doesn’t sell, then it doesn’t sell.” ( his own words) then you are not the client I want to work with. I really wonder what you think I do for a living. Be assured it is not listing condos and spending time, money and energy on something that I will never make a dime on.

I have never canceled a listing agreement but I guess there is always a first. Please seek the HELP of another realtor, I will withdraw your listing immediately and hereby cancel the listing agreement

Have a good day


This was six hours ago, I feel good on one hand and I feel bad on the other hand

How would you feel?

How would you have handled the situation?

Did I blow a fuse?  Or was it about time someone told him?





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