I know you won’t believe me !!!

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A Realtor without and e mail address.  No, wrong he has an e mail address but cannot receive mails. I am really not believing this myself. I am asking myself every day if I will wake up from this bad dream soon or if it will actually continue till closing. Picture a commercial real estate deal, TONS of addenda, assignments, forms, leases , inventory, buyer, seller in Europe, landlord, management company, office condo association,  two lawyers, two realtors etc. 3 times the paperwork than a residential deal and the listing agent cannot receive e mails. Everything has to be HAND delivered. He is the sweetest guy on planet earth (so I do not have the heart to yell at him) but this is driving me NUTS. It has been going on for 2 months and I have 3 more weeks till closing. HOW can you possibly survive in the time and age as a Realtor if you cannot receive e mails? …………… I am just not getting it.


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