I am your broker, not your baby sitter !?

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Where is the line? When does a broker become a babysitter?

I strongly believe in training, educating and motivating my agents.

I am always there for them to answer a question or explain things,

give them tips and suggestions on advertising and marketing etc. . .

Call them to see how they are doing, what deals they are working on, encourage them to call their leads etc. . .

And I hear myself say, I can only point you in the right direction, in the end You have to do it yourself. Sometimes I wonder, how far do you go?

When does a broker become a babysitter?

I have agents that leave the office to go home and work on their new marketing plan because we just had a “great conversation” and they are sooooooo motivated.

Well, I guess they never make it home because over the next few months I will have more “great conversations” with them about their new marketing plan, but I will never see the plan.  Another one that really gets me going is  “Oh, I lost the buyer”

“Well why did you loose him? When was the last time you called him? “Oh I never called him, we e mailed a few times. . .”

I can not tell you how many times I try to make agents understand that

YOU need to call.

So, where is the line, do I sit them down and dial the number for them?



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