I am tired………… What would you do?

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I am tired.

Tired of agents that completely ignore all ethical behavior.  For the longest time I live by the ethical rules we have in the real estate business. One of them is to NOT contact or approach another Realtor;s client.

I have a property listen in the MLS and a sign in the front yard and tons of advertising out. A Realtor simply called my seller to arrange a preview and after the preview she called the seller again to arrange a showing.  A day before the showing my seller and I had a casual conversation and he mentioned that realtor X is coming over to show the house tomorrow. I was stunned and mad. Realtor X not even once contacted me. So, what do you do? Call Realtor X and give her a speech?  Call Broker of Realtor X and complain? Well, I am tired of this and tired of speeches. She knew exactly what she had done. So, I put my make up on, put the nicest smile on my face and went to the showing. I completely ignored Realtor X and focused on her buyers, gave them my business card, answered their questions before she could, told them to call me anytime etc.

I know, that was unethical but honestly I am so tired of being ethical when others are not.

What would you have done?

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