I am sending an offer tomorrow morning

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I am sending an offer tomorrow morning for your Treasure Island Listing. So, please do not accept anytime else in the meantime.

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I don’t know how many times I hear this BUT I never get an offer not even a phone call saying, sorry my buyers changed their mind.

Why on planet earth do buyer’s agents do this???   I just do not get this. Call me and say “I have a very interested buyer and we might submit an offer in the next few days, please give me a courtesy call if you get another offer in” Every time I got the “we are submitting an offer tomorrow” call I used to contact my seller and asked him to be available tomorrow because I would be presenting an offer. Well, I am not doing this anymore. I am pretty much just ignoring the phone call till I actually have an offer in my hands in writing! My sellers are so disappointed and frustrated when I tell them there will be an offer only to call them a day later to say, sorry NO offer. What a waste of time and energy. Does this just happen in the St. Petersburg Treasure Island area or is this going on all over the country?

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