I am pulling my hair out !!! Another short sale situation.

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I am the listing agent for a short sale in a single agency relationship.

To me that means I do what ever is best for the seller. We got two offers in one day and one offer the next day. I have explained to every agent that it is a short sale, gave it to them in writing and it was in the MLS. Told them that the seller in a short sale situation is really not the one to make the decision but the lender. One of the 3 agent that made the offer understands the game, the other two frankly drive me crazy and they drive the Title company crazy  and and and.

Maybe today is one of my “Low Patience” days.

But I just do not know what else to do or say anymore.

I have heard them “tell” me

You have to take it completely off the market.

You can not show it anymore.

You can not accept any back up offers.

You can only submit one offer to the bank.


Well, I guess I will sit down over the weekend and write a letter to all “future realtors” for all my short sales, explaining how we handle it, that in this case we are a single agent for the seller and that we will do all we can to get the best deal for the seller.


If we work for the buyer, it is a different story and our focus is to get the best deal for the buyer.

I wonder, do agents not understand the short sale or don’t they understand the agency relationship?

Is it me or them?

 short sales st pete



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