I am my listing presentation

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I know that sound weird or strange or. . . whatever you want to call it.

Over the years I have done a lot of great listing presentation, hard copies, slide shows etc. I went to every seminar here in St. Petersburg and Tampabay, I search the web and read lots of books on listing presentations. Well, I have done away with it all. Now, all I take to a listing appointment is my handbag. After spending a lot of hours and energy and money on listing presentations and market reports of Saint Petersburg and statistics, I realized that it is just not working for me or my sellers. The first time you meet your sellers and see their house or condo, your focus should be on the seller and their property, not on a listing presentation. It is about the seller and their needs. How can I focus on the sellers goals, how can I address their concerns, how can I listen to the sellers when I am stuck on my listing presentation?  Every seller, their home or condo is unique and deserve my full attention. Having a script or sales pitch pre prepared, showing them all kinds of things you have done for other sellers etc. is just not what sellers need in this kind of market. The sellers all have access to the internet, all they need to do is Google my name and that is all the listing presentation I need. I get strange looks when I go to a sellers home for a “listing presentation” and I show up with “Nothing” no huge binder, no fancy folder, no complicated CMA, no laptop, not even a Blackberry, in fact I switch off my phone so I can HEAR what my seller wants and needs. The conversations we have, the answers to his or her questions, explaining the market in words the seller can understand and relate to, giving the seller real live examples here in St. Petersburg, showing them that you know the market and you know real estate, customizing a marketing and advertising plan WITH them is way more effective than having a “one size fits all” listing presentation.

The seller and their property, their goals and needs is what it all comes down to, the market here in St. Petersburg is challenging at the moment, we need the sellers to work with us we need their input and ideas, this requires to have a conversation with them not a presentation for them.


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