I am looking for a great deal in St. Petersburg but I don’t want a Short Sale.

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I am looking for a great deal in St. Petersburg but I don’t want a Short Sale.

Short SalesThis is something I hear from about 50% of my buyers. No, do not show my regular listings, I am only interested in Short sales or Per Foreclosure properties, that is what the other half says. I hardly ever run into a buyer that says  “I don’t care”  Why are people so dead set on one or the other?  There are a lot of horror stories about Short Sales and Pre Foreclosure properties and there is a misconception that “regular “listing are all overpriced. None of the above is true. Sure, closing a Short Sale can be challenging but with the right Real Estate agent on your site you will know right from the start what you get into and you will be prepared. Every Short sale I have closed was a great deal and it was worth the time and some trouble to get it done.  But then again, there is nothing wrong with buying a “regular” property and most of them are not overpriced anymore. In this kind of market the sellers have to compete with the distressed properties in the area and prices have gone down for EVERY home or condo.

So,is it better to buy a Short Sale or a “regular” sale?

Well, it all depends on YOU, the buyer. If you need to close within a few weeks, most Short Sales (unless it is a pre approved Short Sale) won’t work for you because they take longer to close.

If you need to buy in a specific neighborhood, you might have to go with a regular sale because a Short Sale might not be available. The point I am trying to make is that there are great deals in our St. Petersburg area, some of them are Short Sales others are bank owned and other are regular sales. Keep an open mind, look at everything, and don’t restrict yourself because you do or don’t want to buy a Short sale property.

I am looking for a great deal in St. Petersburg but I don’t want a Short Sale.

If you think about buying or selling a house or condo in the Saint Petersburg Tampabay Florida area, please give me a call. Ask me about waterfront homes or condos in St. Pete beach, Treasure Island, Madeira beach, Seminole and other Clearwater Tampabay neighborhoods. Find out what we can do to sell your home or condo and what the value of your property is. Check out great real estate deals or visit condo associations like Seminole Isle.

We also work with short sale, bank owned and foreclosures. Find a property or go to my website for more real estate information or simply contact us.   727 409 8706

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