How to stand out in a crowd of Realtors? Use your voice mail!

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I just read a great post by Jason Crouch  about doing the best you can and being available for your clients and giving them information so they can educated decisions and so on.

I believe this is the norm especially for people here on Active Rain; I have the feeling that we all go the extra mile.  Anyway, this post inspired me to think about  “What do I do to stand out”

One of the little things is my Voice mail recording.

I try to answer the phone whenever I can, but sometimes, I just can’t.

I hate voice mails and I think most people do, so when I get a voice mail I am already upset, but it gets worst when someone say

“I will call you back at MY earliest convenience”  Freaks me out.

My voicemail says, in a normal voice, (as if I actually was answering the phone)

Helloooooooo, This is Anne with South beaches Real Estate Professionals, sorry, can’t answer your call but Pleeeease leave a message and I will call you back before the sun sets.

Works great for me, I just got this person that was annoyed but yet another voice mail to smile and I got him or her to remember me and when I call back I keep my promise and earned a little bit of trust.

So, what do you think?

Anne hensel realtor st pete

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