How stress relieve candle kept me up all night.

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Well, on the bright site I now know that Yankee candles are THE BEST when it comes to smell in a house. Yesterday I bought some “scent” candles for my listings and also some for my house. I usually put 4 or 5 in a home or condo to make it smell nice when it is for sale. My bill at Bed Bath and Beyond was $177 I had about 15 candles and last night before I went to bed I unwrapped them all so I would not have to deal with it in the morning when I was going to put them in the listings. I was really tired yesterday and I went to bed early, woke up after an hour and just could not sleep, something was wrong but I had no idea what. So I got up, did all the things you do when you can not sleep and went back to bed. I did this every half an hour till 4 pm THEN I realized what it was. THE CANDLES the smell was so strong I was coughing by now. My cat had already decided that it was much better to sleep in the garage (she is the smart one) So, here I am at 4 AM taking all the candles out site, airing out my house and finally I got an hour of sleep from 6 to 7

So, if you want a nice smell in your home, buy a Yankee Candle – but just one please.

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