How Realtors can turn this market around in a heart beat, are you in?

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I really want your thoughts on this one.

I think we Realtors can help our economy and especially the housing market big time by doing one very simple thing. NOT taking overpriced listings. That’s right; I think this is the trick to turn this mess around. Picture this, within one week, ALL Realtors cancel overpriced listings they currently have and do NOT take any new overpriced listings. This would cut the inventory by  50%,  60%. . . .  The demand will still be the same, but buyers could be more confident to get a good deal. As a consequence the other sellers have to try the FSBO route or get realistic with their prices.

If all this happened, we will very very soon see where the bottom of the market is and once we hit bottom, there is only one way and it is up.

Am I daydreaming? Or could this really work?

Could the solution to our housing mess be THAT simple?

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