How does a buyer find a Realtor here in St. Pete Tampabay?

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How does a buyer find a Realtor here in St. Pete Tampabay?

Buying property, Step 3

Getting closer, in the process of buying a home or condo. By now you know what you WANT and what you NEED and what you CAN.

You next step is finding the right Realtor to assist you in the purchase of your new home. How do you do this? 

Ask a few friends if they can recommend someone (do not fall of the “My sister is a Realtor”), check the internet for local experts, Google their name see what you can find. Meet with a few of them and ask questions.

Do they work as a single agent or a transaction broker (and you need to understand the difference, important) What is their education?  What designations do they have?  How will they communicate with you (it is the 21st  century and some Realtors are stuck in the 20 century)

How will they find homes for you? (If they just say “the ‘MLS” system, you better run)

Last but not least, even if a Realtor sounds good and qualified on paper, you need to feel comfortable with this person and you need to have the feeling that this Realtor understands what you want and need. OK. You are all set, you have done your homework, found a Realtor and you are preapproved by the bank, you can go shopping now. Houses here I come. 

How does a buyer find a Realtor here in St. Pete Tampabay?


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