How do you deal with an “I KNOW IT ALL BUYER OR SELLER?”

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How do you deal with an  “I KNOW IT ALL BUYER OR SELLER?”
Honestly I try to avoid them whenever I can. The real estate market and how we do business has changed so much over the last few years. Keeping up with current market values, changing market conditions, upcoming REO’s or Short sales in a neighborhood etc. is already a challenging job for a full time Realtor that knows the area for many many years. When I run into a “I know it all” buyer or seller I try to explain the market and the other factors involved but if they do not “HEAR” me and don’t even make an effort to listen and understand, I move on to the next client. This is a “No good will ever come out of it situation” and I do not want to be part of it.

I believe my job as a Realtor in this kind of market is to educate my buyers and sellers as much as possible and help them make a decision and understand the real estate market. The times when you just opened doors and showed properties is over.
So, How do you deal with an  “I KNOW IT ALL BUYER OR SELLER?”

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