Home alone on a Saturday night………………………………….

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What is a single woman doing home alone on a Saturday night? Well, I guess she must be a Realtor. This thought just crossed my mind when I looked at the clock, realizing that I have about 10 more e mails to answer and a listing appointment to prepare for while my girlfriends are out partying.

Sometimes I ask myself,  “Am I so busy right now or am I just totally disorganized?”

I woke up at 6 am this morning, checked out a counter offer that I had received late last night, e mailed my buyers about it, printed a brochure for one of my listings, packed my bag and laptop for the day, stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and show one of my listings at 9 am. Went to the office, paid some bills and met with clients for a consultation at 10 am. Between 11 am and 3 am I went to show a bunch of condos to another client. In the meantime I had received offers on two of my listings. One I presented via text message because my seller was on a party boat in the Gasparilla parade and buyer needed and answer ASAP the other one per phone because seller was on vacation. This all happened between 3pm and 5 pm. Finally got home, returned a bunch of phone calls, made showing appointments for tomorrow and ate dinner. By 7 pm I took a break played with my cats and watched the news.  At  8 pm I am back on the computer answering e mails and inquiries and doing property searches for some clients. Now it is 10 pm and I am not done yet.

So, here is my question to my fellow realtors. A, I totally disorganized or simply busy?

What are you doing on a Saturday night?

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