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Some things are really scary.

     After ordering pizza—delivered—-to your new home the day you move in, the next big event at the home is the housewarming party.  The one you hold for all yTeeter-totterour friends and family—-to show off your new digs.

     Having been invited as the “honored home inspector” at such events on more than one occasion, I have to wonder how many of these parties end in a less than perfect manner, or even in tragedy, as the back deck collapses under more weight than it has ever seen before.

     I know what can happen when decks are not built properly—-and many are not built properly—-often by weekend warriers that “think” they know what they are doing.

     Inadequately bolted (or not bolted) ledgers, rotten supports, lack of diagonal bracing, improper stairs, inadequate barriers and other conditions can result in falls and spilled beer.  Either way—this is not the type of party to be at, as the honored inspector, when the deck fails.  I would not even want to hear about it collapsing later if I was not there.

     As a result, I trash a lot of deck installations—-I am not about to be embarrassed at the party—-and have to take back all those business cards.

Charles Buell


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