Has Active Rain lost his “GOOGLE JUICE”

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What is going on? Does anybody know?

I have a Google alert for my name and usually the same day I posted something on AR I got a Google alert in my e mail. This has not happened for a few month now and I was already wondering but yesterday I got really concerned. I posted on AR and discovered that I can know share it with my Wordpress blog (it has maybe 20% of the posts my AR blog has) Well I woke up this morning and here is a Google alert for my wordpress blog. AR is still nowhere in sight. I did a Google search, and the same thing happened my post showed up on the first page under my Wordpress blog and somewhere on the second page under my AR blog (keep in mind, AR is the original source)

SO, has anything like this happend to you too?

Should I blog on my WordPress blog now instead of AR?

Anybody any ideas?

Would love to hear what you think.



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