Guess it doesn’t pay off to be legal, Pinellas county business

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I just got the news that the "German baker boy" a little bakery on St Pete beach had to close their doors because their Visa has been denied.

What are we doing?  Isn't Pinellas county real estate market suffering enough?

A huge portion of our income here on the beaches comes from tourist; the German Baker Boy added a value service to our community, supplying all Europeans and Canadians with the bread and pastries they love.

While our government is talking about amnesty for illegal immigrant they punish the ones who have been here legally for years like the Bakerboy.

Marina and Detlef Raddant came to Florida 10 years ago and opened their bakery.

For 10 years they have been serving the community and paying their taxes, paying their rent, paying for their own health insurance etc.

They have not done anything wrong but apparently "their investment is not sufficient enough" I wonder how sufficient the investment of all the illegal immigrants is.

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