Good fences make good neighbors

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     There is a saying here in the NW that, “Good fences make good neighbors.”  Perhaps this is a saying in your area as well.   Where I came from, back East, there were no such saying that I can remember.  There were plenty of stone walls and barbed wire fences but they were more to control livestock—-than to control neighbors.

     At a recent inspection of a bank owned property there appeared to be what may have been a neighbor taking things into own hands “in the middle of the night” so to speak.

     Sometimes it is actually hard to determine who actually owns the fences between homes and often maintenance and construction is shared between neighbors.  Regardless of how this fence got to be the way it is, it is pretty clear that “someone” wanted it shorter.  Three sections of the fence had been completely removed and then the next section cut down to about half of its original height.  The rest of the fence has been cut off to that height—but only half way through.

Sure wish the fence was shorter

     The other side has been “marked” for cutting but remained the original height.

Just have to cut this side now

     I have to wonder if I went back to the site today whether the “remodeling” project has been completed.

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