GoLocalsOnly.com is Bringin’ It All Together, Saint Petersburg

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Versatility Inc and GoLocalsOnly.com create the Bay Area’s Coolest Local Merchant

Showcase and Super Saver Discount Club.

It’s finally here, and It’s about time. Get the Card! Get the Deals!


has become a triumphant, unique and fresh new voice to the world of

advertising, event’s promotions, fundraising services, and e‐commerce solutions. By finding

the gaps that exist between entities and by understanding the problems business owners

face in today’ market, GoLocalsOnly.com has ignited a very special spark within the local


Owner and visionary extraordinaire, Randy Manzo simply states: “GoLocalsOnly.com is

an incredible and entertaining web presence that combats this so called “recession” head

on! By developing successful relationships and partnering in unique and fresh methods of

marketing, our mission has simply been to create effective collaborations between local

businesses, residents, and charitable organizations.”

When most people would be counting every penny, Randy has put his entire savings into

the creation of GoLocalsOnly.com and has seized an incredible opportunity by launching

the website and discount card into the community!

Here’s how it works:


offers FREE local Business listings. Merchants can simply contact

Randy anytime to sign up. By providing descriptions, photo’s, video’s, menu’s and

discounts, residents can now view over 250 entertaining and distinct business listings! The

trademark of GoLocalsOnly is tying this fun and catchy website and business directory to a

Super Saver Discount Card.

Residents can purchase the Discount Card for only $10 online, or at festivals and events

and at many local participating merchant locations. The discount card is good for a 1 year

period, and all one has to do is show the card to get the deals! Plus, every week, more and

more businesses are signing up offering discounts!

In addition, the GoLocalsOnly discount card will also be a very effective fundraising

solution for local organizations, schools, and charities. With the tremendous value behind

the discount card, and the simple fact that all the work is already done, an organization can

quickly and powerfully raise tons of money in a very short period.

“The creation of this company has been a grassroots production fueled by the positive

intentions of friends, family, and the community. It ‘s quite the new craze, and people are

absolutely embracing it! We have created a symbol that the local community can stand behind and

be proud of”

Randy is very optimistic in stating; “Not only is the world getting faster, but our normal definitions

of business have changed. It’s about opening up to new ideas and creating successful partnerships

through creative cross marketing and networking strategies. Plus, it’s about getting and keeping

valued customers.”

Versatility Inc. and GoLocalsOnly.com will be heavily involved in many Bay Area festivals

and events, and will also be a key portal for local business information. However, the

discount card is not just for the locals. Any person simply serious about saving money or

wanting to discover new businesses should be carrying the card.

GoLocalsOnly.com is truly Bringin’ It All Together!

For Free Business Listings, or to simply order the card, Randy and GoLocalsOnly.com can

be reached by calling 727-667-3209 or by visiting their website at www.GoLocalsOnly.com

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