Free the Gummi Bears and change Real Estate

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 Realtor in Pinelas county flroidaThe real estate market has changed, the way buyers search has changed,



the expectations sellers have has changed. Over the last 3 years everything that is related to our job has changed.

Have you and the way you do business changed?

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I preach that we always have to take care of the basics but at the same time, be creative and stand out of the crowed. Here is one way I do exactly that. I give out as many business cards as possible but it is a treat to get one of my cards and I have yet to see someone that does not love it or does not give me a positive comment.



Business cards with Gummi Bears.

I usually buy a huge box at office depot and simply staple them to the back of my cards.

 What are you doing that is basic but creative?

How do you like my idea?

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