Florida Real Estate, Transaction broker verses single agent

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Buyers as well as sellers need to pay close attention to this.

You will probably say “What is this in the first place”

When you hire a Realtor to represent you in a real estate transaction,

you can choose between different forms of representation.

The two most popular forms are Transaction brokerage or Single agency.

There is a big difference between the two of them and you need to understand it.

So, when you hire a Realtor this is the very first you need to ask or discuss.

Our company policy is to work for you as a single agent,

I do not believe in transaction brokerage at all.

Well everybody is different and you have to find out what is the right thing for you.

Just one little tip.

Ask your Realtor (before you sign anything) how they would answer the question

“What do you think we should offer for this house?” or

“What do you think we should ask for this house?”

You will get two very different answers and it should make your decision very easy !!!

Be aware, in Florida Realtors (as of July 2008) are assumed to be transaction broker, so if they do not tell you what they are, you might have agreed to work with a transaction broker.

Ok, if you are looking for a Single agent with an ABR or ASR designation,

Give me a call  727 410 7777

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