First aid kit for Realtors

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Last week I wrote a post  What is in your trunk?

When you read the comments, you realize that most of us have their

whole office in the trunk. Starting with Flyers and listing agreements

and forms and signs all the way to WD-40 (that would be me)

So, I am thinking someone should invent a “starter package”

for Realtors, or a “first aid package” or how about going all the way and create a

“Mobile office” or an office on wheels?  Like a “motor home”, well it would be a motor office. Think about it, wouldn’t that be perfect? You can have you advertising, company logo, picture, message everything painted on the out side, so it would be a fantastic advertising tool, and you can save a lot of time, since you do not have to drag your clients back to the “stationary office” to write up contracts, you can do it right there after showing. You never have to do back to the office to check if the fax has arrived.

You always have your MLS system with you, you can do neighborhood open house tours with a bunch of clients at the same time, you could even throw a “welcome to you new home” party.  Hmmmmmmmmm

Times have changed; maybe we should go mobile. . . . .

 I am not sure if I am joking or if I am serious.

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