Find Real Estate deals in Tampa bay St. Petersburg

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That is what every buyer wants, a great deal and it is very understandable.

Well, the sellers want exactly the opposite, get the most money for heir property and make a nice profit, also very understandable. On both parts it is human nature I guess.

As you can see, when you have two parties that want the exact opposite, it is difficult to find an agreement, it all comes down to motivation.

How motivated is the seller, and or how motivated is the buyer. For years the sellers had the advantage that the economy was great, we had a high appreciation rate in St. Petersburg and there were not too many houses or condos for sale.

This all has change; in today's market the buyer has an advantage.

Lots and lots of inventory, no appreciation and a scary economy.

So, yes, there are some really good deals here in St. Petersburg Florida,

you just have to find them, they exist.

One example is Tropic Breezes here in Madeira beach Florida


A small condo hotel complex right across the street from the beach, walking distance to nice shops and restaurant.

Great curb appeal, units are nearly all remodeled within the last two years, heated pool and great rental potential.

Right now one of the units is on the market, asking price $115,000

Pretty much the same unit, just one floor higher sold in Oct. 2005 for $ 195,000

How do you find deals like this?

You have to know the market, the sales history, the comparable properties, the inventory, the motivation of the seller, in short, you have to do your "homework" or find a Realtor that is an expert in the area and have him do all this for you.


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