Finally, an offer on your home.

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You were getting a little frustrated, after all this time and energy you spend to get your home picture perfect. . . .  Finally today your realtor called with the magic words

“We are waiting for an offer to come in”

Do not sit by the computer or fax or front door waiting for this offer,

use the time for a reality check.

How bad do I want to sell?

What is my bottom bottom line?

What is my time frame?

What is my motivation to sell?

So, now the offer is in – it is a buyers market, so it is safe to say, it will be a low ball offer.

Do NOT get offended. Everybody wants a deal and all the buyers are trying, it is up to you to counter this offer if you do not like it. (just saying NO is not an option)

You have to work on it.

Ask your Realtor to present the offer in person (if possible) sit down and listen to the argument the buyer’s agent has submitted.

The sales price is not everything, look at the mortgage conditions,

look at the time frames, look at the repair limits, look at the closing cost etc.

Last but not least, take another look at your competition. Not only the sold properties but also the under contract and pending sales. This is important and will help you make a decision. So, now you either accept the contract or you make a counter offer. PLEASE ask your realtor to use a counter offer form and NOT scribble all over the original.

This paperwork might have to go back and forth a few times and you still want to be able to read what you are signing.

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