Fay, Another Hurricane heading for Florida

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And this one is a typical female (I am one too, so I am allowed to say this.)

She, meaning Fay is either lost or simply can not decide what to do and where to go.Or, one a second thought, talking about female she might be influence by the nearly full moon . . . .. . Here in Pinellas County we are under Hurricane watch since this afternoon. If, and that is a big If, we get hit it is supposed to be sometime on Tuesday afternoon.

So, what do you do? How much can you do? I have some “old time neighbors'” they will stay and never evacuate, no matter what. Well how much fun is this? If Fay becomes a Hurricane or a strong storm, most likely we will lose power. For how long? Who knows. . .So, do I really want to stay in the house “no matter what” no electric, no AC no ice, no fridge, no light NO I want to be save and sound and I will evacuate to a nice hotel, with great food and drinks with ice and Ac and and and.

You can not make a difference by staying in your home during a storm or hurricane, but with the right attitude, take advantage and go on vacation for a few days – that is so much more fun.

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