Event in Saint Petersburg, the boat show.

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This year it is the St. Petersburg Boat Show and Strictly Sail event These two events are now combined combination into one all-new “super show” called St. Petersburg Boat Show and Strictly Sail. Put it in your calendar, December 4-7, 2008 in the St. Petersburg Sailing Center basin in downtown. You can either come by boat or by car. The event is great and has lots of things to see. I do not have a boat, but I still enjoy seeing all the new models and other things related to the water craft industry. If it is not too cold or rainy that weekend, a lot of people will show up. The combination of Strictly Sail and Boat show should draw a huge crowd. City officials hope to make it THE boating event in Saint Petersburg for the whole southeast region of Florida. Once again I am impressed by the City of St. Petersburg. We are moving forward and we are moving in the right direction.

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