Even from the Brooklyn Bridge this looks like trouble!

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     There are not all that many roofs that I do not walk on—but one of the kinds I don’t usually walk on is steep metal roofs.  If one thinks back to their childhood—they make slippery-slides out of metal for a reason.  I know there are plastic ones, but they are not nearly as good as metal ones—-unless there is water running down them.

     So, I was looking at this one from the eaves and from the ground, to make as good an assessment of the roof as I could.

     I think everyone can see in this picture that there is no flashing around this vent pipe.

Vent Pipe with no Flashing

     From the attic side, it is as clear as blue sky and green grass that there just “ain’t no flashing.”

View of the sky from the attic


Charles Buell


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