Earth to Government

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This one is short, but not so sweet. Nearly one trillion dollars (I get dizzy by all the zeros)

To “keep the economy going” to “save” the economy, to help Wall Street.

Bail out (think about this word) Can someone please explain this to me?

When I first heard about this a few days ago my first thought was  “you got to be kidding me”  Why would any tax payer agree to this? Do we realize how much money this is?

Why “bail out” (again, think about the word, they are not saying FIX) a system that is obviously not working anymore?  I really want to understand, but all I hear in the news is “because the consequence if we had no “Bail out” would cost even more” or “It would be the worst crash since”  or  “To prevent a total panic”

So, here iare my questions

What would happen if we had NO “bail out”?

Don’t we deserve to hear the truth?

Don’t we have the right to hear the truth?

Is there anybody in our government that has the guts to say it as it is?

Another question “Can the system be fixed at all or is it time for a crash?”

I know these are very inconvenient questions and nobody want to even think about a “crash”

Are we sticking our heads in the sand?

This was the devils advocate in me, and sometimes it just comes out (correction, most of the time)


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