Do You Sit Open Houses???

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Below you can find a great question from another local Realtor.

Personally I believe that some open houses make sense, other don’t. It is also a “time” issue

In the season we have so many more people in Saint Pete.

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Do you sit open houses? We rarely do! If a client REALLY wants us to have an open house, of course we will do it. The problem is that usually nobody shows up! In this age of computer technology most people prefer to do a virtual tour online in the comfort of their own living room!

Bill and I often go to open houses on Sunday afternoons for an hour or two just to see what is out there and we always hear the same thing: “You are the only ones that have been here all day!”

So I am curious, hearing that constantly from local realtors who have open houses, do YOU do open houses in your area of the country???? Or do you also feel that your clients are better served with virtual tours and getting their home advertised on as many web sites as possible??? That is the way we market our listings!

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